Turkey Tostada With Avocado Cream


Tostadas are my “last minute meal”. I usually have precooked ground turkey in my freezer. When our week is extra busy and I don’t have time to plan out a meal, I can quickly defrost a package of ground turkey and whip it up into something {simple} and delicious. Tostada are budget-friendly and quick to make. I… Read More

Bananas Foster Cookies


These cookies are {simple} and AMAZING! They are soft and chewy like a slice of banana bread and the caramel icing is to die for! I’ve made both, cookies and banana bread from a cake mix before and thought it might be fun to mix things up a bit. The taste reminds me of Bananas… Read More

12 Home Remedies For Bee Stings


My daughter got stung by a bee today.  We’ve only experienced this once before, so I the first thing I did was check for the stinger, excessive swelling and whether she was experiencing any allergic reactions.  Fortunately, she wasn’t but we do have some bee allergies in the family, so better safe than sorry.  My… Read More

Lime Sorbet


Sweet, tangy, frosty and refreshing!  Perfect for a hot summer day.  And, of course, I make it in my Vitamix! This is the single most requested treat in our house and its healthy enough that I will serve it to the kiddos every single day, if asked. Lime Sorbet Wedge of Lime, about 1/4 of… Read More

Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub – DIY


This body scrub is amazing and leaves your skin feeling so soft!  I have dry skin and if I use this regularly, my rough, flaky skin becomes silky smooth.  But best of all, its so {simple} to make! Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub 2 Cups Brown Sugar 1 Cup White Granulated Sugar 1 Cup Sunflower Oil… Read More

How To Clean White Canvas Shoes


This photo doesn’t really show how dirty these white shoes are, but trust me, they are in desperate need of cleaning!  Detergent alone would not be enough to make them white again, so here is what I did. I dampened the shoes, then applied a paste of baking soda and white vinegar with a toothbrush…. Read More

The Wednesday Roundup #20 and Twitter Link Up!


Hello and Welcome back to this week’s edition of The Wednesday Roundup! We love seeing all the awesome posts you’ve been linking up and we can’t wait to see what you’ve got this week! We will also be linking up our Twitter accounts to grow our following! Please be sure to follow your co-hostesses and… Read More

Facebook – How To Choose The Posts You Want To See


Hello Fellow Bloggers. I can’t go a day without seeing multiple posts on Facebook regarding the frustration we all experience as our reach slips further away. We follow other blog and don’t see most of their posts. We have followers that want to see our posts, and at best, only 1% of our following gets… Read More

The Wednesday Roundup #19 and Facebook Link Up!


Hello and Welcome to the Wednesday Roundup! This week we will grow our Facebook following by linking up our Facebook Pages. Please remember to “like” others with your personal account so it counts as a new follower! On monday, I was fortunate enough to be a part of a recipe roundup! The roundup included 15… Read More

Toffee Caramel Cheesecake Dip


Here is a decadent dessert that is a huge hit at every gathering I bring it to!This recipe is perfect for any upcoming holiday, party or potluck!(Or even right NOW!) Toffee Caramel Cheesecake Dip 1 8oz Package of Cream Cheese, softened 1/2 Stick Butter, softened (1/4 C) 1/2 Cup Caramel Topping 1 TBSP Brown Sugar… Read More

15 Budget Friendly Family Recipes


You don’t have to sacrifice great food on a budget!  Here are 15 fabulous recipes that your family will love! 1.  WriterMom’s Blog – Creamy Chicken & Mashed Potato Casserole  http://writermomblog.com/creamy-chicken-mashed-potato-casserole/ 2.  Mommifried – Easy Beef Stroganoff  http://mommifried.com/budget-friendly-family-meals-easy-beef-stroganoff/ 3.  City Girl on Hicks Farm – Honey Garlic Pork Chops  http://wp.me/p3AN33-nT 4.  One Tipsy Chick –… Read More

5 Beauty TIPs For Spring


In case you missed it on Facebook, here is last week’s recap for my TIPs Of the Day. The theme for the week was “Getting Ready For Spring”.1. Get rid of that dry, flaky winter skin! Begin by exfoliating. Its as simple as using a loofah sponge or even a wash cloth! For even better… Read More

The Wednesday Roundup #18 and Pinterest Linkup


Hello and welcome back to The Wednesday Roundup! We are so glad you’re here and ready to share with us! This week I have been focusing my TIPs on Getting Ready For Spring! In addition to my TIP Of the Day on Facebook,  I am pleased to announce that Emma Banks, a guest post contributor, shared… Read More

3 Healthy Foods For Better Skin


I am excited to introduce my very first guest post contributor today from Smile As It Happens! Please join my in welcoming Emma Banks! Emma is a 20-something, new wife, living in upstate New York. When she isn’t blogging you can find her spending time exercising, crafting or doing whatever brings a smile to her face. I am… Read More

5 Baking TIPs – Substitutions


Welcome to the weekly recap of my TIPs Of the Day.  This week’s TIPs were related to Baking Substitutions.  I previously posted a list of several baking substitutions for those moments when you’re half way through a recipe, only to find that you don’t have necessary ingredient. I hate when that happens! Here are 5 that… Read More